Friday, December 18, 2015

Getting This Out of My Head

I've never been that person who could just sit down and write.  However, To-Do lists spring out of me daily and clutter my desk at a depth of several inches, but not artistic prose meant for journals.

I know this is going to seem so obvious to some of you, but a light bulb hit me today. I can make creative lists!  

I've been reaching back into an older project where I applied textures to nudes. This year has shown me just how fragile a body can be.  

So here's the list that came flowing out of me when I sat down to think about ideas I wanted to explore:

  • My body the betrayer
  • I’m trying to hold it all together
  • Unraveling
  • This needs to be protected
  • Damaged and patched
  • Slashed, burned, and poisoned
  • This is missing
  • I feel like Frankenstein
  • I’m still here
Whoa!  Heady stuff for a list, but I think I've found my own personal way of writing to get ideas out of my head a little more easily.

I don't remember why I made this image or what the original inspiration was. But I now consider it the start of this new series. When it came together it just made my whole self hum. I couldn't stop looking at it. You know when something is right. This is A Few Small Repairs:

Once I've gotten the shoes out of my system for a little bit, I think this is the type of work that I'm going to take a few steps back to explore once again.

On a side note - my nude models (you know who you are), thank you so much for your generosity.  You allow yourself to become my canvas and are the base for all of these ideas.

Here's a peek of what's coming out of the idea of trying to hold it all together when it's only going to unravel anyway.