Friday, January 31, 2014

Catching Up and a Workshop First

I don't know about the rest of my artist buddies out there, but January has been a frustrating time of wanting to get work done but not having the where with all to make it happen.  The spirit is willing but the mind is fuzzy!

Finally, at the tail end of the month, I have taken a couple steps to break out of the January doldrums.  I reached out to friends to set up a couple photo shoots and worked on projects that only needed busy-type work for completion.

I removed the pressure a tad but starting a fun project with no expectations. Here's a couple of the new book covers:

How come cleaning the studio is much more fun than cleaning at home?  I made huge inroads on tidying up the studio in preparation for giving my very first Beginning Encaustic Photography workshop!  Woo Whoo!  

The clean studio space certainly feels unnatural!  Notice the new light fixture on the workbench.  It took awhile, but I finally figured out where I needed some permanent light available.  I was delighted after working up the courage to drill holes into the new workbench.  The lamp made a huge difference working in the area, especially at night.  It covers the hot wax area and some of the other horizontal space of the work table.  For the rest of the space, right now I'm dragging around an old tripod and a clamp lamp.  Whatever works right?

Students Libbie and Melissa were very gentle with me while I figured out my pacing and which projects were better off left for a later workshop...

Unlike my usual modus operandi, I took very few pictures since I was busy teaching.  It was definitely strange but enjoyable to be on the other side of the workshop experience.  

I was happy to see that there was some beautiful work produced over the weekend!