Thursday, December 29, 2011

Cusp of a New Year

Well here we are right before the end of 2011.  Last year I took an encaustic workshop geared toward photographers and became enamored with the process.  I've decided to start a blog to capture my art resolutions and progress for 2012.

This year I plan on learning a lot more about how to successfully combine my photography with encaustic processes.  I am not going to specify topics or subject matter because I hope by the end of this, I will have a much better idea of what combination of photography, mixed media, and wax will be best suited to my work.

Art Resolution:
Each month I resolve to research at least 1 new combination of my photography and encaustic/mixed medium processes.  By this I mean to add something new to the equation each month.  The research will include changing the substrates and media.  I realize that a lot of this experience will encompass working with new materials and the output may just be practice type pieces, but I hope to keep a narrative in mind for approaching new work also.

My goal is to find new methods of working which will lend themselves to new bodies of work and to experience some artist growth. 

Here is the first piece I will be working on and a shot of my encaustic palette - aka a pancake griddle.  The butterfly piece is an inkjet print glued to a cradled birch board box.  It is 6" by 6".  I plan on using some conte crayon pencils to accent the wings and brush on my beeswax to add some texture on the top.  I will be using pigment oil sticks to accent the texture.  I haven't really played with the brushing of the wax for texture yet, so that's what I'll be learning about in January.
By the way, thanks to my buddy Suzanne for letting me photograph her butterfly collection!
Stay tuned for the results and pictures of the gradual execution.

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  1. Go Melissa. impressive start to the new year. Susan