Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Stupid Human Trick - Follow Up

It's been a couple weeks.  I've cut tons of mat board, bagged prints, and smelled a lot of UV varnish stink.  Now I can make a recommendation.  I ended up using Krylon Preserve It! Matte.  That was the only spray I tried that left no visible residue on the darker parts of the images.  It also had a wider range of recommended temperatures when using.

Something I wanted to try but was temporarily out of stock, was Sunset Coating Satin.  I heard of this LexJet product from Beau Graphics (Lexington, KY) when I was picking up a giant version of my Blue Morpho image - more on that later.  This product comes in a gallon, pint, or quart and is traditionally rolled or brushed onto the image.  Duncan at Beau Graphics was kind enough to show me examples of papers they had coated with the gloss version. 

All of my bagged prints and 4 framed pieces are now up at Kennydid's in Midway.  The other 4 framed pieces should be going up this afternoon or tomorrow.  That's a big burden off of my to do list!  I can't believe how much mat board and ink I've gone through the past few weeks.  All of the framed pieces are from my digital composite work but there are a lot of new items in the bagged prints from my TTV (Through the Viewfinder) and infrared work.  Horror of horrors, there are even a few color shots!

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