Monday, May 12, 2014


May 2014
I'm finally posting this delayed snippet to my blog.  It was one of those things I started but never really finished.  I'm tossing it up on the blog though for continuity's sake and to remind me next Winter not to take things so seriously.

March 2014

One of my Winter projects
ended up being shots of
this poor little mocking bird
who I found passed away on
my front porch during the
coldest week of the year.
I wish my brain had the same automatic focus my camera does.  It's been a struggle all winter to feel like I'm making any meaningful progress in the studio.  I keep making busy work for myself since I can't seem to find my mojo.

One of my artist friends (Leah) called me out of the blue last week and we talked about how each of us was experiencing an over abundance of negative voices right now.  It was a relief to hear someone else say it.  I can only blame this crazy Winter and the odd colds I keep catching.  I've been stuck inside from either the icy roads or the hacking cough for what seems like months now. 

Don't want to go out in the cold?
Fine - shoot in the backyard!
Today I saw my first daffodil bloom in the front yard and it was shocking!  Oh yes - the wheel does turn!  

Maybe now Mother Nature will grudgingly return my higher brain functions to me and I can get on with it.  

I want to move forward but there is no progress without making time to play.  April will be that time!


Time jump back to May 2014...

I'm happy to report that April and Spring did indeed cure my lack of gumption malaise.  The ideas started flowing, the negative-voice monster was back to more normal proportions, and the work started getting made with a vengeance again.  

I've started shooting at my studio with
it's variety of flooring options.
The model Lauren brought the shoes
and the excellent hot pink tube socks.
Photo shoots in my studio, Florida, and an upcoming trip to Savannah helped me get back on track creatively.  I'm going to try to remember this next Winter when I'm stuck in the house and feeling like nothing is going to ever be right again.  Make a cup of hot tea and quit stewing - Oh the drama!
How many pieces of vintage luggage
can you fit in Teresa's Jeep Wrangler?
More than you'd ever guess!

Anna on location
William and Chris make wonderful minion on a cold photo shoot at the beach.

Once again thanks to my friends and family for not only saying yes so often when I have a hair-brained idea, but pitching in and making it happen...  XXXOOO

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